Off the Page

This gem is the brain child of prolific author Jodi Picoult and her clearly talented daughter, Samantha Van Leer, who clearly has all the story telling potential her mother has honed!

Despite not having read Between the Lines, the novel this is a sequel to, I can safely say that Off the Page stands alone perfectly.

The introduction of their quirky teenage characters dealing with an even quirkier literary situation is seamless and I was very quickly wrapped up in the mess of a fairy tale world/ real world collision that took place both inside and outside of the book.

With a very clear romantic undertow together these authors manage to make these characters not only likable but believable throughout the unlikely series of events and have even thrown in enough awkward yet witty scenarios to make what could be a wash out romance into a novel worthy of more than just the target audience. It’s fair to say this not so young adult was enthralled to the end and only wishing that I had the imagination to come up with such a brilliant formula for a story.

A clear winner and one that can be held up to the likes of Rainbow Rowell, my personal queen of YA fiction.


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