Reading Challenge?

January means it must be a New Year – unless I’ve missed something while pub hopping in Dublin for a few days – and New Year means resolutions. Just like everyone else I am terrible with resolutions. For example, it is the 8th January and I have still only downloaded the Couch to 5K App. Downloading is not running, apparently.

There is one thing I am good at though and that is reading so, although I am hoping to be busy and therefore not quite so intense on the reading, I would like to jump on the bandwagon of book challenges. But which??

Thanks to the joy of Pinterest there are just so many to choose from. Do I go on a list of books already created (65 Books You Need To Read in Your 20’s) or the likes of a book ‘challenge’ where you are prompted to read a book based on certain criteria (2015 Book Challenge)?

While I mull this over and finish the two books I already have on the go please feel free to hit me with recommendations of books or book challenges you are trying out this year.

S x


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