The Here and Now

This is a super short review for a book that didn’t spark my imagination particularly.

With a dystopian future upon them, Prenna’s family are sent back to live their lives in the 2000’s, hundreds of years prior to the break down of their version of earth. What isn’t quite clear is what those chosen to go back are actually doing to fix the ever looming problem of their doomed future.

Time travel, forbidden romance and a looming apocalyptic future are all ingredients for a classic YA novel however as Bushares’ female protagonist becomes involved with a ‘time native’ and is quickly embroiled in a ‘save the world’ escapade the story is often left on the cusp of becoming too clichéd to take this one from generic YA fiction to a cut above the rest.

While not the best available in its field I would say this book will appeal to the teen audience but the highly obvious love story and flawed, sometimes rushed, story line just didn’t do it for me.


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