A Very Merry Christmas and a Sparkling New Year

Now seems as good a time as any to wrap up this year and the ridiculous level of reading I have done.

Although I have always loved reading it only really become prolific when I went on a lovely jaunt to Spain and started to use reading to leave reality and homesickness. A friend’s dad once said that he didn’t read fiction because this world has enough going on in it for him… and while I am a happy bunny with my lot, most of the time, I think it is amazing that you can pick up a book and be transported wherever the author decides to send you. Reality is not enough for me it seems.

So, for me reading is escapism and my read list this year probably shows I have needed to do a lot of that. (Books number 46 and 47* are currently still being read but I am sure they will hit the list before 2015 graces us with its presence.)

BUT 2015 is already starting to take form and a new job is on the horizon so reading in office hours will not be required. Yey!

All the same I intend on documenting 2015 in the same way, via books, and hope that the few lovely folk who read this prattle will join me for the ride (Hi Mum!! *waves*)

Have a very Merry Christmas and a sparkling New Year.

Roll on 2015 and whatever it decides to throw at us



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