Daisy Waugh’s latest book offers an insight into a piece of American history that rarely makes it into historical fiction; the 1914 miner’s strike in Trinidad, Colorado. It was this strike that led directly to the Ludlow Massacre, killing twenty plus people and leaving the town of Trinidad shaken to its core.

Twenty years after the events that left a small town reeling we find Dora Whitworth being presented with a letter taking her back to her time in that town and retelling the story of her, a woman of questionable reputation and Inez Dubois, a lady of high social standing in Trinidad and how these two very diverse yet equally strong women started to cross one another’s paths.

Waugh has given this story depth through strong and colourful characters set in a town that is painted with precision, a place where you would not want to be yet the rhythm of the book draws you in. In some respects I would be tempted to call this an easy read but that is by no means a negative, as I finished it in about three sittings. A highly worthy read and one that spiked my interest in a period of history I was completely ignorant about. Entertaining and educational. Win!


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