A small collection of words about Good Reads


Today I am having a little think about why I have an account with Good Reads yet I don’t use it and know now that I have no intention of doing so.

I can’t deny that I do like documenting my reads, I have a journal into which I have written every book I have read since April 2012 in chronological order (I would save this from a burning building along with my signed copy of ‘How to Build a Girl’). I have also recently opted to ‘pin’ these books on a Pinterest Board for ‘funnsies’. Also if you are reading this blog it is obvious I like to ramble about/review/pontificate about some, if not all, of the books I read, so why not post them on Good Reads? Review them there?…


Reason one.

I don’t think I am confident in the reviews I write/ thoughts I have to see them lined up next to others. What if I have missed the point of the book entirely? Oh the shame!

Reason two.

Seriously, I cannot remember one more password! I don’t think I could get into my one time Good Reads account if I tried/wanted to. Again, shameful.

Reason three.

The recommendations you get from the books you have read are endless and beautiful but I really don’t think I can add one more book to the never ending pile of ‘to read’ in addition to the two books I am reading a month to review for work.

I may have to live forever just so I can read them all. Do I have a problem? Hell yes I do.





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