Now? Later? – The short rambles of an eternal procrastinator

Procrastinate? Me? Surely not!

If university was to teach me anything it was that by avoiding the inevitable you can create a lot of fun, mundanity, eventful and plain old strange activities.
Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the time it involved me watching copious amounts of The Gilmore Girls reruns or sitting on the end of my housemate’s bed like a cat but it is something I have never ‘grown out’ of.

In fact, even as I type there are things I should be doing. The list today included applying for [new] jobs, making a life plan [one day…], reading the three books that have reviews due in the next month and brushing the scruffy looking old lady labrador who really needs to look more like she belongs to a loving household [she actually does but has a penchant for looking unkempt]

So that’s one thing. I write.
I also revel in Pinterest
And scroll and scroll and scroll away on Tumblr, something I never thought I would get into.

So the internet is there purely for my procrastinating purposes, right?

I am so glad you agree. 



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