Olive Kitteridge

Not so long ago I threw my self into short stories mainly for a change of pace and also because I adore what is not said in a short story. Where your own brain takes you as the atmosphere of that particular tale lingers before you delve into another.

It was because of this that faithful Amazon* suggested ‘Olive Kitteridge – A novel in short stories’ by Elizabeth Strout. Intrigued was not word.

Anyway, long story short. I loved it. I loved the intertwined lives and the different perspectives of the cold and harsh Olive who in the next breath could be loving, forgiving and a desperately heartbroken woman.


So I was nothing short of giddy at the thought of HBO giving it a mini series.


Giddy does not cover seeing that BILL MURRAY, no less, has been linked with the cast.







I am waiting for a date.






*I will battle my Amazon demons in my own time thank you very much. When I am earning more than minimum wage I will no doubt make up for my betrayal of all things ‘indie book shop’.


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