Blood Whispers

On a monthly basis I receive a book through the internal post at work which I get to read (keep!) and review.

This one didn’t blow my mind, so I’d say 7/10 was pretty damn generous.

See below.


Blood Whispers is the follow up to Sinclair’s debut Seventy Times Seven and fans of this ‘fast and bloody’ style will no doubt be thrilled by this follow up.

Keira Lynch, successful lawyer to the down and outs of Glasgow, finds herself embroiled in the life of Kaltrina, a prostitute on the run from a ruthless Serbian gang leader. She is no stranger to unrequited violence, with the tale of her own background unravelling behind her, yet only seems to be getting herself deeper and deeper into a world of lies and corruption in the present as the plot unfolds and she is left wondering who she can trust and, more importantly, who is watching her every move.

This novel packs a certain punch and has a pace that keeps you guessing. A web of names, relating to gang members, police officers and CIA personnel, not to mention the protagonist’s past, does lead to a little over kill but Sinclair has managed to muster enough intrigue to push through to the end of the book.



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