The Rosie Project

New life rule:

Intersperse heavy and emotionally affecting books with light and potentially *fluffy books.

This rule joins others including the decision I made upon completion of my degree not to wear denim skirts anymore. This is a choice I will probably live to regret but heyho, 21 year old me didn’t not like me in denim skirts. 24 year old me is still not convinced. (I digress)


In accordance with NLR (new life rule) I opted for The Rosie Project. A sound choice even if I do say so myself. Initially I was not completely convinced that this would be for me but it really did grow on me. Don, initially reminded me of a combination of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory and Abed Nazir from Community. I guess the thing they have in common is the potential for OCD and a leaning towards traits related to Asperger’s Syndrome. Don does, however come across considerably more real than either of these. My concern that this is a personality that may well have been ‘over done’ in current media was not correct. 

It was nice to go on the journey with Don, upon meeting Rosie, that led him through a series of projects, in addition to his initial ‘Wife Project’. Similar I felt the same about Rosie, who clearly had her own issues that manifested themselves in their own way.

Nothing pleases me more than a happy ending so of course I was thrilled by this book as well as still being interested in the ‘Father Project’ until the very  end.


I also loved the addition of the questionnaire and character inspired cocktails at the back of the book.

Huzzah, a grand old read to offset an emotional rollercoaster ride of a previous read.




*please note I do not use fluffy in a negative manner. The world often needs more fluff.


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