The Kite Runner

I recently started a new job, as previously mentioned, and had the pleasure of meeting a lady who can only be described as a breath of fresh air. She is far older than me but at no point did that feel like it was an issue. This is a lady who thinks retiring will take away some of her ability to travel and meet people so works as and when to fund holidays &c. To put her age into perspective she used to work with my now 78 year old grandmother.
She is a huge fan of learning a new word a day and likes to use a plethora of weird and wonderful lexical choices.
It is from her that I received the recommendation to read The Kite Runner, a book I had heard of but had never really come into focus. Book recommendations are something that can be really exciting but, depending on the recommender, can come with a lot of pressure. This one did not. And oh my days. I finished it yesterday and I’m still experiencing a ‘*book hangover’.

I guess my love of this book comes from the characters more than anything else. They are flawed and beautifully presented individuals. Set to a back drop of what is originally a rich and immense country of sights and smells and disturbing undertows of discrimination.
It opened my eyes to various things I did not know about Afghanistan and their history as a country as well as having a fantastic story about the black and white of good and evil followed up with a lot of grey patches. After all, life is not purely black and white and this really highlights that.

It is not always pleasant; in fact there are certain parts that made me distinctly uncomfortable. There are characters I still don’t know how I feel about but the point is I feel something for all of them.

I have been playing with the idea of watching films that stem from books but I still can’t decide if that is a wise idea. I will watch films of books I have read but don’t have a habit of searching for them. There are certain films I won’t watch because of my absolute love of a book (for example the Time Traveler’s Wife and To Kill a Mockingbird). I cannot decide if The Kite Runner falls into this category or not.

I will keep thinking.

*This is a thing. A real thing. It doesn’t come with dehydration as a regular, run of the mill, hangover but it certainly does exist.


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