The Beginning


  Of late I have spent a massive amount of time reading. This may have a little bit to do with my current employment position which means I have a job but it is by no means challenging and thus I can read and get through the daily tasks. (all hail the Kindle Cloud) Not to mention my general love of books as a form of escapism.


  As of 2012 I decided to make a note of books I read in a small and understated journal. I have not been writing reviews, simply just noting down their presence in my bookish history. It makes for an interesting look back through the year. Some books, depending on how ingrained they get into my mind, go on to remind me of a time, a country or a season. My first dalliance with Steinbeck was on the Metro during my commute whilst living, however briefly, in fantastical Madrid. I was introduced to Gaiman when living with a glorious American girl in Brazil. Books and people and places are all becoming intertwined and I would like for this to continue.


  After being inspired by a friend’s blog post recently I decided it may be time to do some writing of my own. Not necessarily for others but I feel it is important to keep a ‘hand in’. Writing does not always flow easily but looking back it does flow much more smoothly when it is practiced.


So let’s see what I can do with this.

Potential updates at the completion of each novel?

Mini reviews?


Let’s just see what happens… 


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